The contact mic surface is an instrument designed to translate acoustic information into electrical signals for amplification or integration into an audio signal path. The instrument is double-sided, switchable between birch and aluminum, allowing you to take advantage of the varied properties and tonal characteristics.

The instrument comes in two versions, either a 12″ stereo version with two contact microphones placed internally in opposite corners per side (4 total), or a 9″ mono version with a single centered internal contact microphone per side (2 total).

Capitalizing on the properties of contact microphones, the instrument primarily translates only vibrations that physically come in contact with the surface. This makes for focused and isolated sound collection of your source, allowing you to integrate all kinds of textures.

The instrument is essentially a platform for any object to interact with, so the possibilities for sounds are only limited by your willingness to challenge and experiment.









• Switchable between collecting sound through the birch or aluminum sides.
• Passive piezo elements require no power, no batteries to change.
• Thin and portable, quick to setup.
• Two models, 12″ stereo or 9″ mono.
• Stereo version contains an additional switch that can optionally sum the two contact mics on the selected side to a mono signal.








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Materials: Poplar, Birch, Aluminum


• 12″ Stereo version, 12″ (h) x 12″ (w) x 1.25″ (d)
• 9″ Mono version, 9″ (h) x 9″ (w) x 1.25″ (d)