folding palette, one hand opening technique 01

One-handed opening technique, Step 1:
Place hand so your thumb against one side of the palette and your other fingers against the opposite side

folding palette, one hand opening technique 02

One-handed opening technique, Step 2:
Use your thumb to put pressure against the lid using your other fingers as leverage against the opposite side.

folding palette, installing glass 01

Installing glass, Step 1:
Locate the side that contains extra screws along the bottom. This is the removable side.

folding palette, installing glass 02

Installing glass, Step 2:
Remove the screws that hold the side in place. This will include the two from the bottom of the side and two from each end.

folding palette, installing glass 03

Installing glass, Step 3:
Insert the supplied felt/fabric and make sure all sides are neatly tucked inside. The fabric is placed underneath to as a spacer to make a secure hold of the glass, provide padding, and to grant the ability in the future to compensate for the expanding and shrinking of wood as it ages. If the fit for the glass is too tight, simply use a thinner fabric or remove it altogether.

folding palette, installing glass 04

Installing glass, Step 4:
Slide the glass in while taking care to not bunch up the fabric. Our palettes are designed to take standard-sized 3/32″ thick glass available at most hardware or home-improvement stores. If you prefer a specific color or value to mix within, consider applying an even application of spray paint to the back and allow it to fully dry before assembly.

folding palette, installing glass 05

Installing glass, Step 5:
Hold the side back in place and reassemble by first starting the wood screws by hand. Then turn in the screws fully by using a screwdriver being careful not to over-tighten them.

A few notes on using and maintaining your folding palette.