folding palette 16x20 01

A folding palette for use in the field or as a convenient studio tool. One side of the folding palette has a slot to hold a standard size (16×20″) piece of glass for spacious paint mixing, while the other side is lightweight plywood for support of solvents, mediums, rags, knives, and brushes. The palette contains enough height when closed to accommodate large piles of paint, yet is slim enough to make it portable.

The folding palette uses a custom-fit full length hinge for strength, which lays flat when open for tabletop use. The underside of the mixing section contains a threaded insert for use while elevated on a tripod. Metal d-rings on the front make it easy to transport by attaching your favorite strap. Strong rare-earth magnets secure the lid when closed so there are no clasps to fumble with before or after a painting session. Just close it and go.

folding palette 16x20 02 folding palette 16x20 03 folding palette 16x20 04 folding palette 16x20 05Features:

  • Lays flat for tabletop use.
  • Threaded insert for attachment to a tripod.
  • Glass compatible – sized and slotted for standard size glass (actually including the glass is only available as a local pickup option due to shipping difficulties).
  • Removable side to change glass.
  • Height accommodates large piles of paint when closed.
  • Full length hinge adds strength to support the plywood side while open.
  • Metal d-rings for strap attachment.
  • Rare-earth magnets secure lid, no latches to adjust.
  • Satin poly-urethane finish adds protection and quality feel.

Materials: poplar, birch plywood


  • Sizes are determined by the piece of glass it was designed for (in inches).
  • Standard size is 16×20″ and weighs 4lbs 11oz without glass.

Estimated build time: 2 weeks